Alta / Acsm 

ALTA (American Land Title Association) and ACSM (American Congress of Surveying and Mapping) survey requirements are designed to maintain uniformity. Survey plats labeled ALTA/ACSM with the signature and seal of a professional land surveyor, certifies to the lender, borrower and the title insurance company that this survey has met these standards.



An as-built survey is a detailed location of all existing conditions on the site. This survey shows all structures, impervious areas and all utilities both above and belowground, right-of-ways and easements. This survey may be used for the future site or infrastructure expansion.



A boundary survey is the retracing of an existing property line.  This plat will indicate the metes and bounds description along all sides of the property. All evidence of possession and any waterways, utilities and structures that are on or affect the property is depicted.

Mortgage / Physical Surveys

A mortgage/physical survey is a typical survey prepared for the transfer of property. A lending institution or a buyer for their assurance may require this survey. The survey provides a visual plat indicating any improvements, flood plain, right-of-way crossing, easement or encroachment prior to the land transfer.



A specialized survey allows us to use our technology to perform services beyond the survey of land.  This can be anywhere from establishing level on a NASCAR base plate to check the set up of a race car, or locating and verifying the accuracy of a newly constructed steel dome roof …



A topographic survey is prepared to show the lay of the land. The survey will show the wood and open areas, creeks, structures and utilities along with the boundary of the property to aid in future development.


Utility Surveys

A utility survey may be used for the proposed routing of any utility above or below ground. We can also provide an as-built survey on an existing sanitary sewer, storm drainage, water or cable lines for the analysis and upgrading of the system. This service may be provided for a small property or a large municipality.